Premiere: Shkema – Ispanija (Each Other Remix)


It had been a week since he’d looked at the news; he had to check out for a little bit — it was all becoming too much. Good news was few and far between; nowadays the cycle consisted of devastation, of loss, of violence and oppression, a doomscrolling exercise that only had a negative outcome. Elsewhere there were tall tales, outlandish conspiracies and fake news, warping the minds of people across the world… There were positives happenings out there, but where to find them?

Since 2019 Good Skills, the label run by Lithuanian DJs and producers Roe Deers and Titas Motuzas (BDHBTS), has represented “the noise of Vilnius’ youth”, building a space for local talent to share their creations with the masses. Next up from the pool of Lithuanian music makers is Shkema who comes through with his debut LP ‘Kronikos’, split into two parts, inclusive of four originals and four remixes. Described by the producer as a “world news show, where each song represents a different story”, the release pulls from real experiences, hearsay and entirely fabricated stories — some of which get a rerub from Simple Symmetry and Each Other, the project of Justin Strauss and Max Pask.