Premiere: Shenoda – Dave’s Myth


Do you want to know how to dance to this track? Follow our instructions:

To begin, 0.00 to 0.30, a light shuffle from foot to foot, roll your shoulders.

Phase two, from 0.30 begin to pump one fist in the air in slow circles.

As the crescendo builds, stamp one foot.

Around 1.24 gently skip from side to side, ducking your body in time as the bass comes in.

2.00-2.30, pause whilst tapping your foot. Ask your friend if they’re having a good time.

When the beat drops at 2:35 resume the side to side skipping, make a basketball bouncing motion with one hand. Continue.

3.50 gently sway and concentrate on some hand movements.

4.20 tap a foot and carry on with the basketball hand- amp this up as the bass returns around 4.38. Add some light footwork.

Stand stock still as the track breaks down to just bass from 5.05. Nod Head in anticipation.

Ok, one more loud phase to go, got to pull out all the stops, all systems go. 

5.22 – 5.55, squats.

Finish off with more light shuffling.

There, you’ve done it! Now you know Dave's Myth and you can go tell all your friends. Now, get this in your ears and read our brief Q&A with Shenoda below;

Who are you, where are you and what are you?

I'm a London based producer who mainly makes music you can move to. 

What's it like being Shenoda? Talk us through your average day.

Wake up, eat, check emails, make some music, go on a short cycle, eat, check emails, make some more music. Then repeat.

Describe your sound without using the letter 'e'.

A right Bobby dazzla. 

Who or what is Dave's Myth? Is it a bit like a cyclops?

It's what was used to make the main synth line in the track. It's a very rare instrument and there aren't many in existence. 

Why is Hercules so cool?

Because of his long flowing hair.

What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?

I pulled a pretty sweet wheelie once.

If not even a mouse is stirring, how do you deal with the crippling silence? 

Silence can be golden, it's how you use it. I'd most likely accompany it with some mime or magic.

What’s your motto? 

"It's all in the reflexes"

What one piece of software or hardware could you not make music without?

The TL Audio Fat track. They're great to give warmth and character. I run my drum parts and any synths through it.

What was the first electronic record you ever heard? How did it make you feel?

It's likely that it was Vangelis – Blade Runner Blues. The whole soundtracks pretty epic really. 

What was the music of your teenage rebellion? 

Cyprus hill, Metallica, Guns n Roses. Not your most rebellious mind, but they were my first albums with swearing in which I liked.

What do you do on Sundays?

Eat, pray, love. Always in that order.

What is love?


Upcoming in the world of Shenoda?

An ep dropping on Electric Minds late this month. An ep on Aus Music before the end of the year, as well as a remix. 

Anything you'd like to add?


Shenoda's Mancs EP is out on 31st July via Electric Minds.