Premiere: Shari Vari – Dance Alone (Black Merlin Remix)


Darting to the left down an alleyway, her heart skipped a beat as an uneven paving stone almost tripped her, but she managed to maintain her balance and regain focus as she headed for the busy street ahead. She was being chased but there was no danger, she knew exactly what she was doing. Her feet barely touched the ground as she weaved in between the drunk partygoers taking up the pavement. Snippets of nonsense conversations, indistinct shouts from across the street, and harsh artificial light from cars and shop fronts blurred into one disorienting multi-sensory experience, intensifying her escape tenfold.

Next up on Berlin-based label Malka Tuti is a remix package of Hamburg duo Shari Vari. As an appendix to their debut LP 'NOW', friends of the label have reinterpreted a selection of songs from the release, reconditioning them for the dance floor. Black Merlin’s version of ‘Dance Alone’ amplifies its dark atmosphere, introducing a repetitive tumbling bass line alongside otherworldly synth sounds and chopped and twisted vocal snippets.