Premiere: Sepehr – Head To The Sky


It took a hell of a lot to break her down; the longer she lived the more thick skinned she became; the more she was able to ignore the negatives and focus on the positives. She’d long given up on cynicism and self-deprecation, now she backed herself without challenge, choosing to celebrate her very being. Now, she always kept her head up to the sky.

Known for his releases on Dark Entries, SPE:C and EON Records, San Francisco-based producer Sepehr has now decided to take his own steps into the label world. Shaytoon Records – which translates as little devil in farsi – is a love letter to his own Iranian-American indentity, providing a platform for electronic artists of Iranian heritage, with an extended family of Middle Eastern artists. Sonically the label will explore the pyschedelic realms of the Iranian underground, inviting artists who craft heady and captivating music, from electronica and hybrid techno to leftfield house, soothing ambiance and electro-punk.

Sepehr takes charge of the inaugural release, Crown Jewel, setting a precedent for what’s to come on the label. Suggested to be listened to “while hitchhiking across the country with only a bottle of wine in a knapsack, dreaming of dancing to the drum”, the five tracks meander through rumbling punkish electronics, twisted acid cuts and intoxicating rhythms.