Premiere: Sentiments – I Like That Bee


The sun was bright and alive, it danced atop a backdrop of bright, royal blue and the heat radiated down from the heavens up above. Sat in the field he watched as the long grass blew softly in the breeze as sun worshippers lay perched upon hillsides and viewpoints. Insects buzzed amidst the tall flowers, bees swarmed and flitted between bushes in search of something sweet. He liked that, those bees. As he sipped from an ice cold glass he wondered if the world could ever get any prettier than this…

Sentiments is a producer based in Lyon, we met a few years back when he played at a party for us in Lyon and smashed it out the park with fast paced, euphoric hardcore, italian dream house and wild breaks. We are delighted to see he continues on in such style, this is a new track by him on his label Light On Earth. 

Listen below: