Premiere: Sentient – Imagine Yourself

refugee action art

A 17-track compilation to raise money for Refugee Action.

In her opinion, her imagination was her greatest asset. Not that others were a party to that. No matter how mundane the task at hand, her mind could take her to places that reality could never dream of; it opened up new worlds and opportunities, it let her escape to other dimensions. It was the one thing she felt totally in control of, she was the master of her own fate, something that often felt out of reach in the real world.


Vief Records are using the power of music to raise money and awareness for great causes. The label launched in August last year with a split EP from Useful Council and Citizen which they coincided with an appeal to help support NHS nurses in their fight for fair pay. For their second outing, a sprawling 17-track compilation, they’re fighting for another important cause: All proceeds from the release will be donated to Refugee Action, a charity that aims to build safe, happy and meaningful lives for refugees in the UK.

Not only is their mission an incredible one, so are the sounds that make up the record. Featuring music from Sentient, FAFF, Izzy Locke, Silverback and more, it touches on all corners of the club spectrum from breakbeat, jungle and UK bass to acid, electro and techno.