Premiere: Senthulà – Sub páramo


The streets were paved with gold, a secluded seaside town where dreams were made and those who’d failed came to retire into the sunset. They sat upon street corners, in parks and upon the shore looking out on the tourists and the faces who came and went with no attachment to this place. It was not their legacy just a passing place, yet to some it was home. A lonely retreat in the outback of a country on the brink. It was beautiful. 

Abstrakce Records are a label based in Valencia, an imprint with a penchant for the experimental and come from a far collection of influences. They are set to release a new LP from Senthulà, am alias of José Guerrero. The album is a collection of wild expansive instrumental escapes and pays homage to diy culture. It also features a remix from Tolouse Low Trax. 

Listen below: