Premiere: Seetheroad – Local Cluster (Nathan Micay’s ‘Metallic Hollow Breath’ Remix)


The stars were gathered like flickering bulbs a million miles away, they flashed and dance like little particles upon the dense black backdrop in a galaxy beyond our own. They were stood upon a hillside looking up at the great expanse of space which lay beyond the realms of the imagination. They could only dream of what magic dance between the planets and the stars – what delights were hidden upon worlds very different to their own. The night was growing colder now as a thin breeze began to work between the tall dense greenery which surrounded them. Those local clusters were but a hazy vision in the midst of night. 

Seetheroad is set to release a new EP on Tusk Wax, a record label which has moved from strength to strength focussing on releasing experimental, rough, rugged electronic music. The EP also includes a remix from latest LuckyMe signing Nathan Micay who has just released his debut album. His track is a rework, drawing on the abstract elements in a holly metallic state. Listen below: