Premiere: Seagoth – Eternity (GLOK Remix)

EP cover

RIDE’s Andy Bell reworks the 20-year-old singer’s Bytes debut under his GLOK alias.

I see a puddle in the street. It’s shaped like London and I remember what I wrote in Jenny’s yearbook: “We will live for eternity on toast, tea and love.” And then she left without telling me – two years she’s been in the city without me. She sends me postcards with big red buses and the London Eye on the front. She never asks me any questions. I feel like an idiot for what I wrote.


Seagoth is 20-year-old Georgia Ochoa, a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from the northwest of England. Next week sees the release of her first EP for Bytes. The lead track, Eternity, was originally released last year and has been mixed by Leaf Troup and mastered by Keith Tenniswood (2 Lone Swordsmen) for the EP, a statement of ambition and intent that retains the original’s hazy, psychedelic vibe and introspective message of self reflection. The EP also features a stunning remix of ‘Eternity’ by RIDE’s Andy Bell in his GLOK guise, which is premiering on Ransom Note today. Andy has stripped the track back to showcase Georgia’s resonant vocal in all its glory before the blissed-out outro that makes full use of the track’s dancefloor-friendly drum break.

The Eternity EP is released on November 10, the same day that Seagoth plays the Old Blue Last in London, her first headline show in the capital and the start of a short UK tour. Tickets are available HERE