Premiere: Save! – The Light


The light at the end of the long tunnel was beginning to grow ever more faint behind them as they walked along the train tracks. There was little to be heard but for the drip, drop of water rattling against the rocky floor which lay beneath their feet. A dark musky scent of oil and steel lingered in the air around them, it was hot, muggy, and stuck to the inside of their nostrils. This was no place of glamour or exotic glory, it was a lonely venture. They wandered further and further down the line, a tiny flashlight lit their path. Heaven forbid it died, heaven forbid they might be without the light.

Here is the latest release from Les Disques De La Mort. This one carries weight featuring remixes from Hivern Discs associate Marc Pinol and Ivan Smagghe. Save! is a collaborative project between Marc of Colder fame, and Mutado Pintado. No half measures have been taken here. Listen below:

The record is forthcoming HERE