Premiere: Savage Grounds – Somewhere Sinister


The barbed wire fence stretched far into the distance, its razor sharp metal spikes protruding in all angles. Across its mass bright yellow signs warned of the punishment that awaited those who tried to cross this border. But this barricade hadn’t always been here. It had once been an open stretch of land with those inhabitants on both sides living peacefully alongside one another. Now things were different, something sinister had taken over.

Three years after their first Surviving in Europe compilation, Italian label She Lost Kontrol are gearing up for the release of the second volume. A snapshot of the sounds, styles and artists that are central to the label, the 20-track LP features contributions from the likes of Piska Power, Autumns, Bind Delon & Black Egg, Kris Baha, Zarkoff and our pick from Savage Grounds, the Swiss producer whose EBM and Industrial-leaning productions have graced labels like Lux Rec, Pinkman and Mosaique. The full project comes with a risograph-printed fanzine and a c90 transparent cassette. 

“In a time of the new European nationalism, of razor-wire fences and renewed border Kontrols, mass immigration and homegrown terror, fear and insecurity, the suppression of internal borders of the EU is recognition that all the citizens belong to the same space, that they share a common identity.”