Premiere: Sau Poler & Pedro Vian – La Mer


The ocean called out to the shore of the city as the moon glowed up high above. A dim, faint light was all that could be seen on the promenade, an orange haze radiating from little lamps which would guide passers by home from their revelry. Each night the dancers would parade proudly upon the sand, removing themselves far from troubles and daily strife. The ocean had an enchanting effect upon those who spent enough time under it's salty spray. La mer, that was what they called it. 

Sau Poler & Pedro Vian have worked together to establish a superduo of sorts. The Catalan duo previously released as a collaborative front back in 2015. However, a couple of years on and they have moved from strength to strength. Now the pair are to release a new EP on Modern Obscure Music, the label run by Pedro Vian. Listen to "La Mer" below: 

Buy the release HERE

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