Premiere: Saturated Color – Desire


The kitchen clock had stopped again. Sometimes they left it that way for a few days, pretending that time had stopped and they were freed from any prior engagements or looming deadlines. During this time they could think clearly, focus on the activities and tasks that had taken a backseat whilst in the throngs of the rat race. They treasured these moments while they could, until the clock hands turned again.

Several Ukrainian musicians have banded together to release a compilation called Posthuman Music, as a way to pour their thoughts and emotions into creativity during these testing times. A rebellion against the emotions spawned from the world of self-isolation, the impossibility of mass gatherings and closed state borders, the 10 tracks – spanning drone, ambient and deep dub techno – are also a call from the musicians to not panic, to lead a private but productive lifestyle and start creating the things you've wanted to for a long time. Featuring music from the likes of Hidden Element, Monotronique, SERPEŃ UKRAЇNA, Phobos Child and Saturated Color, the compilation is available for free via Chernobyl-based label Mystictrax.

Download HERE.