Premiere: Sansibar – Can’t See


The crumbling wall felt course to the touch as he trailed his fingers across it, trying to find his way out of this damp, festering place. Somewhere far off he could hear the shouts of his so-called “friends”, laughing and jeering at his expense. He had wanted to prove himself, show them he was worthy of being part of their group, but now, stumbling around in the darkness, he only felt stupidity and fear. They were no friends of his.

To celebrate reaching their 50th release, Manchester-based label Natural Sciences serve up a 20 track V/A with contributions from label mates old and new. As ever, it’s a heady mix of mutant electronics, showcasing the diverse sounds that have continued to stand the label apart from the rest. From hip hop to electro, booty bass and industrial, Age In Decline features tracks from Mutant Joe, Galaxian, Prequel Tapes, DJ Frankie, and our pick from Finnish producer Sansibar.