Premiere: Sanfuentes – Family Trip


It's a question as old as time itself, we seem far more obsessed with whether or not someone is OK than we are about the impending doom that will throw this world into serious jeopardy the minute that the apes begin to realise that we're not laughing with them, we're laughing at them. Mundane questions such as this fill up our day with unnecessary delays and yet we can't avoid them as we're all far too afraid of the silence.

When was the last time you spent half an hour without speaking a word or hearing a noise? No, of course sleeping doesn't count. The world would be such a different place if it weren't for such inane banter. You might even have time to listen to this beauty of an EP from Sanfuentas a fair few times if you skip the pleasantries about the wife, the kids, the weather and the chained up bloke in the garage.

Take a few minutes out of your day to experience this glorious batch of aural instead;

*the above picture is not actually Sanfuentes as you may have gathered. That was actually Juan Luis Sanfuentes Andonaegui who was President of Chile between 1915 and 1920. 

This Sanfuente looks like this… deep in thought. Nice glasses too: 

Sanfuente's Are You OK EP is out now.

More info on Sanfuente Records here