Premiere: Saint Jude – Head Is Spinning


The blood was pounding between his ears as his mind raced with a thousand twisted thoughts. His head was spinning and it felt as though he might lose control at any second. This was going to be a long afternoon. He sat perched at a desk, looking out at the world with hazy vision and a distant gaze for he was not there, at least not in the sense that overs might expect. His mind was a million miles away – dancing between false truths, bitter promises and broken dreams. For this was not to be his day, his month or year. 

Saint Jude is set to release a new EP with Slow Dance, a label who are moving from strength to strength having released an eclectic array of music and curated several events over the last year. The new EP sits somewhere between the sensible side of pop, electronic music, post punk and the spaces in between. Whatever that means. 

Listen below:

Stream the EP HERE