Premiere: Rydim – Cougar (Jared Wilson’s 7777 Acid Remake) – Just Jack


It's a common saying where I'm from, the north, that 'everything is better with acid'. 'Hmm this meal is nice but it could do with more acid' would be a common phrase thrown around the dinner table at Christmas. My Nan would get upset because she thinks I'm insulting her cooking until I simply utter 'but Nan, everything's better with acid' and we would all let out a hearty laugh and gather round the piano for a festive family rendition of Tronco Traxx's C.U.N.T.

Someone who shares this mentaility is Rydim whose upcoming release on Just Jack gets a firm acid wobbling from Detroit's Jared Wilson. AND WE HAVE THE EXCLUSIVE. Shove it in your ears below. 

Rydim's 'Lean Bow' is released on vinyl-only 9th November on Just Jack Records from Deejay, Unearthed Sounds, some good record stores and probably some pish ones too.