Premiere: Ruff Stuff – Mistake


Emerging into the glaring sunlight as he flung open the hatch to the roof, pigeons scattering all around him, the man heaved himself up and looked around frantically. The pursuit of his quarry had hit a momentary snag – that is, until he noticed the fire escape on the side of the building. Looking over the precipice he saw the target running down the stairs. Drawing a sharp intake of breath, he flung himself over and started to shimmy down the outside at a relentless pace – there was a lot of ground to make up.

Ruff Stuff are gearing up to release four brand new killer tracks! Untitled05 is a vinyl-only affair and marks a new and fresh evolution of the label. We're premiering ‘Mistake’, which gets by on breezy piano stabs and '90s vocals. Listen below:

Untitled05 is out 20th January on Ruff Stuff Music Ltd. Pre-order it here.

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