Premiere: Ruff & Stax – Brando


His smile was distorted in the glare of the sunlight. It sat eerily upon his usually glumstruck face, Brando had arrived. There was an evil sense of foreboding as he marched towards the crowd of onlookers. He was the star of the show and everything he had ever wanted was waiting for him on the other side. All he had to do was walk forwards, disregarding their cries and the shock from those whom quite simply did not understand or know any better. Brando had risen. 

Axe Traxx return with their third release. This time they feature an array of talent including Kid Mark, Dj Pegasuz, FTPup and Fede LNG. However, it is the Ruff & Stax track which steals the show in our humble opinion. Listen below: 

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