Premiere: RÜBA KPØ – Pentagonal


The stars seemed to sparkle more than ever tonight: perhaps there was romance in the air. From the comfort of their space ship they gazed out of the window, watching the cosmos move around them. It was the perfect setting for their date: a night they would surely never forget — or possibly never remember…

For more than a decade, French outfit RÜBA KPØ have been channeling their blend of analogue synthesis, sound effects, drumwork and vocals with their shared passion for electronic music. Following an EP earlier this year on Sonar Kollectiv, the four piece group embark on something of a rebrand with a new five track EP titled Arengue for RKRS Recordings. After turning their attentions to their radio show over the last few years as well as working on their live act, they now fully stretch their musical legs on this EP, pulling at strains of jazz, bass, cold wave and happy house.