Premiere: Roza Terenzi – ‘Yeh, Higher Places’ (Jayda G’S Deep In Your Soul Mix)


The clouds began to part in the sky above. Walking along the cold concrete streets he began to wonder whether he might ever make it to heaven, up there in the sky were life was supposed to be better and the burden of the day to day did not haunt. Higher places they called it, a dreamy land amidst the stars and the clouds where the ease of existence was far greater than down upon the earth. That wasn't to say he did not like it upon his home planet, it was merely a hope in something more. 

Roza Terenzi is set to release a new EP on Australian record label Good Company. The up and coming imprint from Perth has released music by the likes of Senate, Phil Stroud and more. However, their latest release might perhaps be the most prolific to date. Jayda G steps up to remix a track, weaving it into an elegant uplifting house jam. Listen below: 

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