Premiere: Roy Comanchero – Moon Hike


Onwards, through the darkness and into the great, desolate beyond. Looking backwards he could see the stars, the distant shimmering lights flickering amidst a galaxy one million miles away from the moon. They were climbing to the top of the mountain across the dense, bleak outback of a planet miles away from earth. There was a cold breeze in the air, one of which they had never felt before back at home. It was foggy, harsh and left a bad taste in the mouth as they continued to trudge slowly forwards…

Alliance Upholstery is a great name for a record label. Little more needs to be said than that however we will proceed. Up next on the label is a split EP which is perfectly apt for the last day of winter, a sun kissed affair offering a warmth and insight into the season which lies around the corner. Roy Comanchero's "Moon Hike" is pure bliss. Listen below: