Premiere: Rowka – Source (Tenebre Remix)


The heavy silver machinery grinded menacingly, the sounds echoing through the corridors of the factory. Despite this it felt eerily quiet; no chattering voices, no music transmitting from the radios around the work rooms. There was no longer any need for humans in this place, their capabilities were no match for these mechanics. It had become a self-functioning operation, taking out the very component that created them in the first place. This was a vision of the future, soon there would become no need for the living. 

Manchester-native Rowka returns to JoeFarr's User Experience imprint for an EP after debuting on a VA compilation in April of this year. This time label boss Joe and Tenebre step up for remix duties, the latter bringing omnious metallic textures to turn 'Source' into an off-kilter techno workout.