Premiere: Rotciv – Guarani


The night was warm and balmy, almost as if the sun had never left the sky. It made their journey much more difficult, much longer and more tasking than in the cooler conditions they’d experienced at the outset. The drop off had been significant too, they’d had to leave people behind at most of their checkpoints – now only a few remained. The heat wasn’t even the worst of their troubles, there were treacherous obstacles ahead that they’d soon have to tackle.

Brazil-born, Berlin-based producer Rotciv has got an enviable string of releases under his belt. Aside from outings for his own Mister Mistery imprint, he’s put out records with Rebirth, Polari, Funnovejere and several on Luv Shack Records, which include collaborative and split EPs with Das Komplex and Space Echo. Last year saw him debut on Jorkes’ Freeride Millenium imprint – a joint release with Pauls Musique – and now he makes his return to the former for ‘Resemblance’. Made up of four tracks, the release showcases Rotciv’s love of enchanting electronics, from trance and minimal synth to acid house and electro grooves.