Premiere: Rossum Universal Tracks – Bubblebag Mail


The package fell abruptly from the letterbox to the floor and skidded across the empty room. Outside a rustling could be heard but by the time he reached the handle the culprit would be long gone, who knew what lay inside the mysterious parcel? He plodded across the wooden floorboards, which creaked and echoed as he went. Inside thius old house he rarely received post or correspondence, let alone the type of bubblebag mail that had just landed in his hallway. What could it be and who had the intent to reach him amidst such a far away place?

Lehult are set to release a new EP from Rossum Universal Tracks, a collaboration between to label familiars in the form of Lucky Charmz & Dj Assam. They have teamed up to work on several deep, thoughtful tracks in what makes up "Ebaum's Dreamland".

Listen below: