Premiere: Roscius – Villa Paolo (Zebidiah Remix) – Muta


It's 4 o'clock in the morning; it's raining and your shoes are wet. You begin the walk home when the neon sign in the newsagents flashes at you: 'open, open'. It stops and flashes again, this time a rhythm appears in your ears and the sign begins to dance. You carry on walking and for as far as you can see the road is glowing and flashing to the beat inside your head. Suddenly, your steps aren't taking you anywhere and you realise that you're floating, gliding through the damp air as the music carries on inside your head and the signs and street lights dance and flash along. 

You dive forward and soar over the empty dark road as the bass floods the streets and the town begins to flash in time. Laughing seems only natural: what are you doing? But the rain has never felt better falling on your face, refreshing and bright. You slow down, soar closer to the ground and land on your feet. The lights settle and the music stops. What was that you ask yourself? You just listened to this:

Listen to Roscius on soundcloud here and get the tracks from MUTA here.