Premiere: Roladex – _We R_


Though none of us here at R$N Towers actually own a Rolex*, we generally get our fancy goods from Dodgy Dave down the market, we do have a whole bunch on Roladex's plastered to our wrists. Literally, Dave didn't have any straps last time we went down there so we're having to make do with plasters to hold the ruddy timepieces on.

The American outfit, conveniently enough of the same name as our totally legit watches, are making sounds that would have been at home in the '80s yet still manage to sound fresh enough to keep us feeling like we're teetering over the very edge of popular culture. Aside from our colourblind member of staff having issues with the cover of Synesthesia – The First Five Years, the Medical Records album upon which this beauty is released, we've got nothing but joy from this record and we're very much happy to share it with you.

Go on then, get basking;

Synesthesia – The First Five Years is out now via Medical Records.

(*Evidently Ciaran didn't know the different between a Rolex and a Rolodex when he wrote this…
Actually, here's a bit of history about where the band's name came from: 

The rotating file device that we are named after is a "Rolodex"spelled with an "olo"
And the band is spelled "Roladex" with an "ola"..funny thing is, we spelled it that way because when we started the project I misspelled ROLODEX when I posted some demos online.. Anyway, when Elyssa saw the mistake we both liked it, so we kept it..
Plus, ROLODEX is the name of a company and is copy written… as much as I love to bust up major corporations, Its prob in Medical's best interest spelled that we spell it— ROLADEX

So anyway
ROLADEX – band
ROLODEX – circular filing device often seen in high-rise office buildings 
ROLEX – flashy gold watch often seen on the wrist of the CEOs with the office and Rolodex

That told Ciaran!