Premiere: Robbie Akbal & Veronika Fleyta – Sun Warrior (Lum Remix)


The sweat dripped from his brow as he stared upwards towards the far reaches of the deep blue sky. He clenched his spear tightly in his right hand as he sighed and began to walk slowly forward. A small circle of onlookers had gathered around him as he prepared to engage in battle with the beast. It reared its head and snarled as he entered the ring, the audience gasped as he tread leaving footsteps marked in the mud. He was a warrior caught in the eye of the sun, the people needed him, and the beast would be tamed. 

Here is the dark and moody remix of 'Sun Warrior' by LUM. The original comes from the Akbal on which Robbie Akbal and Veronika Fleyta have crafted the theme and set the tone. Listen below: 

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