Premiere: Rob Belleville – Still Waters (Conforce Remodel)


There was barely a ripple as he looked out upon the lake, it was quiet and peaceful in the valley and nothing moved nearby. The still waters reflected the radiant blue sky up above and looked as welcoming as ever. It had been years since he had last visited this place for it was not always easy to find or to make time for. He had walked and climbed for days to rediscover his youth, to recapture the very reason for his being and evaluate his choices. Now as he swam in the glistening lake everything made more sense, it was fluid and logical like never before. 

Rob Belleville is set to release a new EP on Fluid Electronics, a beautiful sun kissed assortment of melodic house and balearic influences. However, it also features a punchy remix from Conforce, a techno version of the track “Still Waters”. It’s great. 

Listen below: