Premiere: Rnbws – Sex at 5am


With a nod to security and a wink to her friend manning the ticket desk, she retreats from the heat of the party to the tundra outside, unencumbered by the added baggage she left with. The lull of an uncertain wait is restrained by unbridled desire and a prompt cab, signalling the universe’s full support of her endeavour. As the pair slip into the backseat, she attempts to disguise intentions to the driver, before the shaky facade collapses as her companion places their hand on her knee. She looks straight ahead, yet maintains constant focus in peripheral stares and shared glances through the rear view mirror.

LA-based label Jelly Bean Farm are on release duty for ‘Autonomy’, the latest EP by Russia’s own ‘RNBWS’. Known for his genre-bending music, infamous live-techno sets and his role as co-founder of label ‘Pkge”, Rnbws' new EP features five-tracks of experimental production, dynamically shifting the tone as the EP progresses. Our pick, ‘Sex at 5am’ features five minutes of electro-infused breaks, with it’s atmospheric build leading to a euphoric close.