Premiere: Rnbws – Could Happen To Anyone


The rained poured and poured until the sky was drained of any colour, until the grey clouds swamped the earth below. Her mood mirrored it; a reflection of the hardships that had come her way time and time again in recent months. She wished the blue skies would return, that the balmy heat of the sun could shine down on her face once again — how could the weather not play such a huge part in her disposition?

DJ and Rinse France resident Roni launched her Nehza Records imprint in March of this year with a euphoric debut from Bordeaux-based producer and Super Daronne collective member Neida. This gave us a glimpse into the mission of the label which, through a concoction of breaks, acid and rave, seeks to ‘question our natural environment through the medium of sound’. Tasked with the sophomore release is Moscow’s Rnbws who explores a narrative about the connection we have to earth and the looming danger that confronts us. Dubbing the A-side as ‘Dark’ and the B-Side as ‘Bright’, he shares a collection of breaks, acid and house that signify doom and hope, respectively.


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