Premiere: RIP Swirl – Hope U Are Well


There was a sign which hung above the door in the waiting room as he sat patiently to be called for his appointment. The receptionist had been kind upon his entry and had offered him a cup of tea before he sat down. She'd wished him happiness, sent him down the corridor and along the hallway to wait for his turn. Anyway, back to the sign… It read rather condescendingly "hope you are well". It was a message used everyday all over the world, the reality of the phrase meant very little indeed, in fact it was about as insincere as could be yet here he was staring at the words once again. 

RIP Swirl is back on Public Possession with a new EP. Abstract glitchy electronics and hip hop inspired skits comprised what is an interesting mash up of sorts on a new 12" release forthcoming. 

Listen below: