Premiere: Rings Around Saturn – Grip


As he tugs his arms, the restraints sink deeper into his wrists. Difficult to see beyond the smoke-filled spotlight, the cardinal glow of cigarette embers and a faint light on the camcorder in front barely illuminates the room. “Where am I?”, he pleads in panicked tones. The silent response and whispered conference by his captors highlight the isolation of his detention and their disinterest in his well being. “What could you want with me? I’m nobody”. The hum of the camcorder is paused whilst the shadowy figure leans into the light. “Be quiet Mr. Lewis, you’re here to be observed”.

Out on Andy Garvey’s Pure Space Recordings, Rings Around Saturn’s latest release Grip is a galactic double-sider to be reckoned with. With two tracks of club-focused ominous exploration, the release builds the tension whilst jumping between dub breaks and skittering electro. Our pick is the title track, a 140bpm monster underwritten with complicated halftime rhythms and corrosive synths.