Premiere: Rina – Peppermint Bouquet


The air was hot and thick making it hard to breathe in the small waiting room. She glanced up at the clock and then back down at her watch. She'd been waiting for a long time, what felt like hours and hours. But it had only been a few minutes. Maybe the heat was getting to her. That must be it. Each person that exited the room looked as if they were in a state of trance, as if they had been hypnotised. Something strange was taking place in that room and she wasn't sure she wanted to know exactly what. As she stood up and made to leave, her name resounded around the room on the tannoy. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to have a look…

Calypso Records founders Thomass Jackson & Iñigo Vontier set up their label as a way of shining a light on Latin American artists, however for their next release they hone in on Tel Aviv and four artists making waves in the Israeli city. Entitled Tel Aviv Flavors, the EP features tracks from Middle Sky Boom, Niv Ast, Naduve and our pick from Rina; rattling drums and erratic percussion over a deep rumbling bassline.