Premiere: Richard Rogers – That Bonus Track (Extended Mix) – Black Booby


It's always nice when you get a bonus. Like on them chocolate bars with 25% extra free. I remember it loads with Yorkies. Or is that just my brain playing tricks on me.  Remember when Quality Street felt like a bonus? I use the when because look where we're at with them now…

Anyway, moving swiftly on, this a right little tasty bonus from Richard Rogers' new EP on his own label Black Booby – a bit of a favourite around these parts we'll have you know. This is an extended mix of BB-05's bonus track entitled funnily enough That Bonus Track which samples Suzanne vega the B2 and is a right little beauty. Elsewhere on the EP there's nu wave Sprinkles-ness and deep jack trax.

Check That Bonus Track here: 

Full details of the whole EP from your lovely Manchester institution Picadilly Records

Lovely stuff! Bonus even… 

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