Premiere: Riccio – Uhh


The hum of a guitar can be heard blowing on the breeze between the trees of the Hubalub island. The crowd gathered around a trio of performers who found themselves dancing in the open space beside the beach house. The sun had begun to set and tribal drums clattered as they danced amongst the sand. A solitary bird flew by, it's shadow all that was visible, a black silhouette against the dying light of the shrinking sun. Rum was passed between revelers and the crowd rejoiced as a count was issued: "1, 2, 3, 4, UHH". The drums resumed. 

Bosconi Extra Virgin is an interesting label capturing the spread of a highly international sound. Listen to Riccio's take on dirty funk below as he captures an enthusiastic energy on "Uhh". 

Visit the Bosconi Soundcloud HERE.