Premiere: Red Axes – Waiting For A Surprise (Von Party Vs Red Axes Remix)


What are you waiting for? Go on, jump in. The water is warm and a liquid paradise awaits. The poolside was a place of elegant sophistication, ladies watched hazily from loungers as gentlemen swam beaneath the lush blue ripples. Over by the bar the music could be heard pouring from small monitors, it echoed blissfully through the open air and travelled beyond the walls of the palace. All is well for what lies within but over the wall, a perilous plague had began to unfold. They remained happily ignorant inside the palace whilst the world fell to turmoil. 

Red Axes have developed a notoriety unlike few others. In recent years they have powered through the ranks releasing music on the likes of Permanent Vacation, Crosstown Rebels and more. They have amassed quite the reputation. Now they are joined by friends from far and wide on a remix EP for Thomas Von Party's Multi Culti label. He collaborates with them and creates an alternate version of 'Waiting For A Surprise'. Listen to the Thomas Von Party/ Red Axes collaborative remix below:

Buy the release HERE. Follow Multi Culti on Facebook HERE, Red Axes on Facebook HERE and Thomas Von Party on Facebook HERE.  

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