Premiere: Realitycheck & Peev – Demand Generation


“Unethical behavior within organizations is not rare. Peev & Realitycheck investigate experimentally the role of status-seeking behavior in sabotage and cheating activities aiming at improving one’s performance ranking in a flat-wage environment. They find that average effort is higher when individuals are informed about their relative performance. However, ranking feedback also favors disreputable behavior. Some individuals do not hesitate to incur a cost to improve their rank by sabotaging others’ work or by increasing artificially their own performance. Introducing sabotage opportunities has a strong detrimental effect on performance. Therefore, ranking incentives should be used with care. Inducing group identity discourages sabotage among peers but increases in-group rivalry.”

Beginning life in February of this year, French label Music For Commercials’ mission is focused on environmental preservation, recycling old materials like floppy discs and VHS cassette tapes to house the music. After a compilation featuring around 14 artists, they’re returning with their sophomore release, an EP from Realitycheck and Peev, which will be available on VHS. The two French producers—the former known for his releases on Unknown To The Unknown and Renascence and the latter for his ambient productions and Rinse FM residency–come together for three original tracks that match their tastes for mysterious atmospheres and tight drum work.