Premiere: Random Factor – Broken Mirror (Legowelt Instrumental Version)


Synthesizer is a pretty funny word, when you've said it hundreds of times in succession (see below…). The debate whether or not we should be using the Americanism of a 'z' instead of an 's' aside, it sends that same fizzy feeling through your lips that words such as sizzle, suspicious and salaciousness (Did you buy a dictionary? – Ed.) do and leaves your tongue tingling in delight.

Though Legowelt's instrumental take on 'Broken Mirror' from Random Factor might not do an awful lot for your taste buds, unless you decide to try biting a chunk out of the wax, it'll have your ears sizzling so salaciously (That's not how that word works – Ed.) that they'll be wagging with glee.

Go on, delve into this sonic synthesizer-filled special;

Broken Mirror is out now via 20/20 Vision – grab your copy here.

Synthesizers, eh?