Premiere: Rambal Cochet – Guilty Trip


The wheels had been in motion for a while now, long before the revelations of last night had thrown a spanner in the works. Their trip had been planned to the tee: accommodation, travel, activities, a roadmap to their dream destination. But now trust had been compromised and guilt had reared its ugly head; would the journey really be worth the pain?

Goa trance is at the core of Vilnius-based label Electric Shapes’ next release — an album from Rambal Cochet, the alias of St. Petersburg-based producer Volta Cab. Having previously released music for Soil Records and IDA Sound, he brings his signature touch to his new LP ‘Chaos Is Order Yet Undeciphered’, which is fuelled by drama, mystery and tension. To add to the magic, the label have invited local producer Jokios Kulturos, Frankfurt’s Tassilo and Anatolian Weapons to take Volta Cab’s trance-inducing trips off road and down new, thrilling paths.