Premiere: R Weng – Sound Of The Breeze


There was a noise which weaved between the tall trees, it was soft and gentle in the glow of the late afternoon sun. It was the sound of the breeze, a beautiful soft tone which cast a spell over the beautiful countryside. The leaves fluttered under the mild strain as the clouds passed by slowly overhead. This was the perfect summer's day, a true miracle in a world so lost. Walking amidst the tall reeds by the lake, he looked out upon what might have been in another life. 

Cosmic Tones are set to release a new split EP featuring an array of eclectic, forward thinking musical talent. Dust-e-1, Priori and many more feature on this sublime release which acts as a showcase of the Canadian underground. A special release. 

R Weng delivers a track with an ambient, downtempo affair, elegant and gracious. 

Listen below: