Premiere: Queens Of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow (Dan Wainwright Edit)


Each morning brought with it new tasks and trials; an endless todo list of asks and wants. As soon as it began to depleat another batch were added, and so the cycle would continue. Barely able to decide what should come first or second, prioritisation had become cloudy, lost in the madness of all these conflicting responsibilities. It was time to switch off and go with the flow.

Well, for all you good souls out there who've been searching for a good QOTSA edit for a while (maybe that's just me), you have Mr Dan Wainwright to thank. Ahead of the release of his new EP Rituals on Night Noise, which is set for release on 5th June, the Hungarian Hot Wax and Is It Balearic? producer puts his own hypnotic, sludgy touch on what can only be described as a classic.

On the edit, Dan said: "I thought it'd be really cool to take that up tempo rocker by QOTSA and saw a way in to give it a new take and a bit of a spiritual spin, which is totally my kind of angle and stuff I love to look for in music."

Free download HERE.