Premiere: Que Sakamoto+NT – Madakimaranai


A thin, rocky, uneven pathway guided their way to the precipice; the finish line not visible without the assistance of the sun. They’d began their ascent shrouded in darkness in the hope of catching the sunrise when they reached the peak. Through billowing clouds they trekked until the end was in sight and the first glimpses of sunlight tipped over the horizon. Up here they felt invincible, as if they could reach out and touch the heavens… 

Following their inaugural outing from Mogambo, the project of label boss Sunju Hargun and multi-instrumentalist Jerom Doudet, Bangkok’s Siamese Twins return for their sophomore release: a V/A cassette of soothing, spiritual and hypnotic electronics. Titled Vinyan (Thai for soul), the compilation features a host of artists from the East, including Son FM, Khun Fluff, Yandra Mandir and Que Sakamoto, who play their part in re-contextualising the contemporary parallels between live instruments, drones, house and tribal elements.