Premiere: Quaid – Thenitesheleftme (Feat. Shepherd)


There was a purple sky and the black clouds seemed ominous and gloomy. The rain poured with prolific intent on the night that she left me, at least that was as much as I could remember before the blackout. Sat upon the boulevard i recalled watching the stars darken under the haze of the midnight fog, the sirens in the distance roaring up and down upon the tarmac chasing villains and rogues. You could hear the sound of the waves rumble softly in the distance, I didn't care…

Quaid is set to release a new album on the Melbourne based imprint Couch Acid Recordings, an assortment of moody house, disco and boogie which lends a nod of the head to the days of funk, soul and classic hip hop. Listen below: 

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