Premiere: Qnete – Atacama Behemoth


Walking along the beach he looked out into the distance and began to ponder the significance of this place, the history and the horror. The waves had come crashing down upon the shore with such weight and presence that they'd left the coast battered and a mess. It was the stuff of nightmares, a true behemoth of a storm which has left a broken nation and a town awash with debris. Nowadays you'd hardly recognise the impact of the storm, it had been long since cleaned up but the memories lived on. 

Qnete is set to release a new EP on X-Kalay, a record label which is widely respected and well loved amidst the oddball corners of house, techno and electro. The label has risen to prominence in recent years. Qnete is a Leipzig based producer set to release a fiery dancefloor focused bomb with the imprint. 

Listen below: