Premiere: Qba Janicki and Obsequies – Desintegration


Underneath the stark white light of the laboratory lamps, the mysterious organism writhed and twisted into indistinct shapes. Everybody gathered round in awe as it began to sprout new features, strange abnormalities that grew and lengthened before their eyes. What it would morph into, nobody knew, but curiosity that kept them firmly fixed on this unspecified life form. 

The next transmission from Polish label Pointless Geometry comes courtesy of percussionist and leading force in Polish experimental music Qba Janicki, and Belgian sound sculptor and Knives alumni Obsequies. Titled Autolysis, the release blends various production techniques, from sound sculpting to processed percussion and digital manipulation, recorded through improvisation before being fully formed into an album. Described by both parties as an “electro-acoustic sound organism, which consumes its own flesh for the purpose of self-regeneration”, the release explores a new world of sonics that are built, morphed and layered in the most unpredictable ways.