Premiere: Puma & the Dolphin – Nuances


As he walked through the long grass he made sure to pay special attention to the peace and quiet which hung prominently in the air. There was not one sound to be heard in the park, all of the people had gone home for the day and now he was blessed with the opportunity to walk in solitude between the tall trees and the shadowy groves. He took in the nuances of the environment, the small things and the beauty of the individual flowers and greenery amidst what was a celebration for the senses. This was paradise. 

Invisible Inc. will be celebrating five years this May, a wonderful feat for a small label which has punched well above its weight having released some truly stunning music in recent times. The next release on the label is a celebration of the clubbier side of the imprint, this track is from Puma & the Dolphin, a slow moving textured affair for the discerning dancer. 

Listen below:

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