Premiere: Pugilist – Eclipse


Like the beginning of any dream, my subconscious fills in the gaps. “Where am I?”… I’m on the moon. “How did I get here?”… I’ve always been here. My dialogue subsides as an uncertain planet enters centre vision. A ‘chinese-whispers’ Earth, with geographic features lost as rumour spreads through the cosmos. Though the solar path is obscured, I see no sign of darkness on the planet, only faint projections of unanswered questions and manifestations of doubt. As the projections focus, and words become more visceral, I turn away and walk towards the Sun.

With five years of releases under their belt, London’s DEXT Recordings are legendary curators of some of the most forward-thinking electronic music the UK has to offer. To celebrate the milestone, they’ve delivered ‘eleVAte Vol. 1’, a 4-track compilation featuring some of their heaviest hitters. Track by track, the release is steeped in a dynamic spread of UK sounds, with plenty of bass weight and life-affirming synths added for good measure. Our pick, ’Eclipse’ by Pugilist is a skippy ode to the garage days of yonder, brimming with swing, bass and lush Rhodes stabs.