Premiere: Private Agenda – Paralysed (Tuff City Kids Remix)


When we were all little we dreamed of being private investigators, tailing some shifty looking blokes down the street and whacking out our great big cameras to catch them in the act of doing something a bit dodgy. We then realised that if we wanted to have any success in the field of snoopery we'd have to become incredible organised and have our own schedule – a Private Agenda if you please.

Some people might be afraid to go out on the streets in hot pursuit of these big, scary men as they could break legs and paralyse you. But we were never scared. Why? Because we were Tuff City Kids.

Alright, that's more than enough of that – we'll leave you in the capable hands of the real Tuff City Kids as their remix of the latest sounds from Private Agenda are all lined up to get your toes tapping;

Paralysed/Little Bird is out on 18th September via International Feel.