Premiere: Privacy Policy – Trust Lost


Dangling from the edge, he began to wonder if he might ever reach the pinnacle of his climb. It had been a long day and his legs were exhausted as he looked longingly upwards to the peak of the mountain. All that stood between him and a bleak fall was the fine tuned frays of a rope, it was in this that he held the most trust. It must never be lost, for then so too would he. The sun was setting in the distance on the mountain peaks, soon darkness would take this land. He continued to climb, onwards and upwards into the night. 

Privacy Policy is set to release a new EP on Goldbrick Records, a Dublin based label who have been releasing an eclectic array of electronics from the Irish capital drawing upon local and international producers. The next EP is a sun kissed, balearic twinged house EP with a plentiful assortment to choose from. 

Listen below: 

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